As our next mission, we are working  to support My Abhilasha, an NGO , whose mission is to fight against child labor and provide basic food and quality education to under privileged children in Kolkata. 

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling that while you enjoy a nice Bengali movie with yummy homemade Kolkata street food, the funds help to bring a smile to a less fortunate child. 

To support that we would like to invite you our next event featuring latest popular Bengali movie PARINEETA. 
The proceeds from the event will go to My Abhilasha,

So please become a MAITREE/DOST/FRIEND of MAITREEPDX and support their efforts in an area where there is so much to do. 

DATE: December 8th
TIME: 3pm 
VENUE: Cornelius Cinema 10 (200 N 26th Ave, Cornelius, OR 97113)

For tickets please contact: Debangana MukerjeeAjanta NeogiChaitali Chattopadhyay and Tania Chatterjee

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