SUR BANDHAN Weaving Love, Hope, and Dreams through Gitanjali – an AMPHAN fundraising event.

A bleeding Mother Nature unleashes it’s fury and wrath, It wreaks havoc on almost everything in it’s path. Yes, Mother Dear, we have tormented you for years, Trampled and stomped on your heart without fears. Now we are crippled and cornered, and for air we gasp. We bow down to you, Mother; forgive us and free us from this clasp. While we ask for forgiveness and vow to do our part, We also firm up our Resolve to Rebuild from our Heart. 
On the note of Rebuilding, MaitreePDX requests you all to join hands in our humble endeavor SUR BANDHAN; A soi·rée featuring local artists
WHEN and WHERE: Saturday, June 20th @ 6pm via a live webinar . Register here
AMPHAN has razed lives and livelihood. It has dashed hopes and dreams of millions, and raked up damages of more than 13 billion dollars. While the task ahead is daunting, we are confident that with Friends like you in the community, we will be able to extend a much needed helping hand and join their efforts from afar. The need of the hour is not only to feel the pain of the victims, but to stand next to them with tangible support. We sincerely request you to open your hearts with kindness and shower your love to light a ray of Hope, make a Difference and bring a Smile.All Donations will be given to MUKTI  &  ANTYODOY ANATH ASHRAM No contribution is big or small and a little will go a long way. Please DONATE here

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