Because only together we can

To help underprivileged children and women in the indian subcontinent & USA

Help Needed

Hope you and all your loved ones are doing well. These are unprecedented times. Be it here or back in India, COVID 19 has brought massive changes. During this huge crisis…



— We Find & Fund

 We designate NPOs who focus on bringing in adequate resources for the betterment of health and education of the underprivileged children and women in the Indian subcontinent and USA.


— We Build Networks

We partner with NPOs and build relationship to foster better care, mitigate suffering and support the overall well being of women and children.


— We Strengthen

We share and radiate hope, innovate ideas and reach out to partner organizations who share our core belief to put smiles on the faces of  underpreviliged children and women.



support us and change the lives of underpriveleged children and women in the indian Subcontinent & USA

3 weeks ago


May you be showered with love, happiness, and joy this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all our supporters. Thank you all for being with us through the year 2020. MAITREEPDX team is grateful to all of you. Your help made it possible for us to extend the hand of FRIENDSHIP or MAITREE to those who needs it and bring a smile on their faces.

Merry Christmas
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4 weeks ago


The Day is Here.
The Webinar is today!!
If you have not yet registered, please register before the start of the show at 4pm, at this link:

Let us all learn and help one another.
Please join us
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4 weeks ago


Let us all learn and help ourselves and others with the knowledge, that we gain from the distinguished PANELISTS, at the HOW AM I FREE WEBINAR on MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS.

Date: Sunday, Dec 20th at 4pm.

Link to register:

Here are the topics that will be discussed.
1. Depression & Anxiety Disorder
2. Suicide & Suicide Prevention
3. Old Age – Social Isolation & Loneliness
4. Signs to be precautious of during childhood
5. Social/Emotional Needs of Children & Educational Impacts
6. Speak up. Seek help. It can save your life.
7. Mental Health: American vs Indian
8. Mental Health Awareness ; Empowering Others
It will be well worth your time, as you will get to know a lot of important and apt information on Psychological Well Being.
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4 weeks ago


Maitreepdxis very happy and privileged to have Aarna Dixit and Viti Eachambadi two young talented and courageous storytellers, as part of our PANELIST at the Mental Health Awareness Seminar , HOW AM I on Sunday, Dec 20th at 4pm.
Please register (free) at: ……to listen to what they both and others has to share
Aarna has always been involved, whether it be with student leadership, multiple clubs or volunteering. She has always strived for perfection. But behind the facade she puts up for others, Aarna has been struggling with anxiety and depression for the past few years. Opening up to her friends and family was a turning point for her mental health. With supportive friends and loving parents, she was able to seek professional help and learn healthy coping mechanisms. As an ASHA Storyteller, Aarna hopes to create a community where talking about mental health and coping isn’t taboo.

Viti has always been passionate about volunteering and giving back to her community. She has been involved in many community organizations from the age of 5 initially through dance and singing. As she got older, Viti often got so caught up in activities and academics that her mental health soon became her last priority. In middle school, she realized after an encounter she had with self-harm that she had been bottling up her anxiety and feelings for years on end. Viti feared reaching out for support because she was often told that mental health issues are only for the poor and struggling, and had convinced herself that what she was experiencing was petty and unnecessary. However, through Viti’s recent involvement with Project Lotus, a local mental health profit, she has become more comfortable sharing her experiences, and has been able develop a support system which has helped her deal with her anxiety. As an ASHA Storyteller, Viti hopes to help the community understand the critical impact of mental health and empower youth to share their story and continue to raise awareness.
Maitreepdx team is very excited to work with Gayathri Ramprasad and ASHA International for the very first time and make it a NEW BEGINING to our journey forward.
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1 month ago


Maitreepdx is very happy and privileged to have Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar as one of the PANELIST at the Mental Health Awareness Seminar , HOW AM I on Sunday, Dec 20th at 4pm.
Please register (free) at:…/reg…/WN_oXnoxe0hSDCt6NGbKcEH-Q to listen to what she and others has to say about Psychological Well Being.
Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar has been working with Walden University as Program Director for MS in Psychology and MS-PhD Program in Developmental Psychology since 2005. She has received her PhD in Educational Psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York, where she also held positions as Adjunct Faculty and a joint appointment as Assistant Director of Graduate Studies.
Dr. Sarkar has conducted research on mental health status of adolescent school children in India, along with studies on sexual aggression against girls and women in India, and its influence on their psychological well-being; for whom she developed and implemented Life skills training sessions.
Her avid interest across the expanse of mental health issues irrespective of age, gender and culture, provided her the opportunity to present in national and international conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals.
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